Camile Klein Family History

Young Camile

Young Camile

Born July 21, 1884 in Paris, France, Camile Klein, third born child of Pierre and Justine Klein, came over to the United States from France with the family when he was two years old. Camile is shown at 21 years of age in Pittsburg, Kansas on St. Patrick's Day. At that time, he was a mule driver in the Weir Coal Company, Shaft No. 7, a mile east and a mile south of Frontenac, Kansas. On June 17, 1908, Camile married Jennie Moffet in Girard, KS. About that time, he was gas inspector at the Western (coal) Mining Co., at Arma, Kansas, a job that he held until 1925 when he and his wife moved to Westwood, California, where he worked for a plywood manufacturing and lumber plant. They had two children, a son, Ellsworth Klein, born July 18, 1909, and Ruby Elizabeth, born June 24, 1913. In 1927, he gained custody of his wife's sister's children upon her death. Their names were Joseph, Louise, William, and Haigh Chown.

Camile, along with his brothers, Emile, Henry, and John purchased a mine called "Big Six Coal Company, Mine No. 1. On June 21, 1922, a rock fell on Emile. His back was bruised and his left leg was badly broken. The brothers sold the mine after the incident.

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