Gene Klein

"Eugene Brown Klein"

Another photo of young Gene with his parents and brother can be seen on Emile Klein's page.

Eugene Brown Klein was born in Frontenac, Kansas on January 27, 1909, the first child of Emile Emory Klein and Alice Brown Klein. He graduated from Frontenac High School at the age of 16 in 1926. He worked in the local railroad yards after high school. He then went to Broken Arrow to work. Eventually he moved to Detroit to get a job in a factory. He married Edna Chaussard Giovanda on June 14, 1930. They had two children: Cecelia Frances, born in Detroit on January 21, 1931 and Betty Lou, born in Detroit on December 17, 1932.

Gene at High School Graduation

Gene's wife Edna and baby Cecelia

Gene's wife Edna holding baby, Betty,
with Gene and Cecelia

During his life in Detroit, Gene worked at Chrysler Corporation for 17 years. He later worked for Detroit Diesel, General Motors Corporation until his retirement.

Gene frequently visited the Pittsburg/Frontenac area where he grew up. Gene enjoyed fishing. He also had an interest in midget auto races and worked in the pits regularly for one of the car owners.

Gene died of colon cancer on October 31, 1980. He is buried in Parkview Cemetery in Livonia Michigan. His wife, Edna, died on May 16, 2001 and is buried next to him.

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