Hattie Klein History

Hattie's Wedding to Tony Carnevale

An early census shows Hattie's given name to be Henrietta. That is the only place I have seen her to be called by that name. She was born in France in December of 1886 (no day of birth available). She was brought to the United States when she was about 6 months old. I could not get much information about her life before marrying Joe Frere aside from the following two lines written about her by Uncle Henry: "Hattie only had one school dress and it was washed every weekend for the next week of school. Remember me (Henry), you (Maggie) and Hattie delivered milk with a cart pulled by a black horse named Nellie."

When I was in Pittsburg a few years ago, I did find a record showing she worked for Dr. George W. Williams. These records also show she worked for Israel Brothers. These documents were not dated. Apparently it was before she married, as her name was still Klein. The one comment I heard by several people is that she was the most beautiful woman in the area.

On October 21, 1905, Hattie married Joseph Frere in Frontenac, Kansas. They had a son, Joseph Jr., on ______.

On June 9, 1907, Hattie had stomach surgery. On June 10, 1907, Joe had just left the hospital from visiting Hattie. He had taken the night off work to go see her. On the way home, he went by the Devlin and Miller Mine, where he worked as a shot firer,. He decided to go down into the mine "to help the boys out". The shift was just about over and he was told not to go down, but did anyways. He was killed that night in a gas explosion. Besides his wife, he left his infant son, Joseph Frere, Jr.

Later, Hattie married Tony Carnevale. Tony had come to this country as an orphan. On April 14, 1911, they had a daughter named Lorene. In approximately 1916, Hattie and her sister, Maggie, disappeared. I was told by a reliable source that they were on the front porch of Pete Klein's home on Free King Highway near Frontenac and told those who were there that they were going to take a walk into town. They headed down the railroad tracks (see photos below) and were never seen or heard from again.

Joe Jr. and Lorene were left to be raised by their grandparents, Pete and Marie Justine.

According to a letter I have, Henry spent many years trying to find out what became of Hattie and Maggie. He even hired private detectives to no avail.

If anyone has more information on Hattie or Maggie, please contact me at yvonnehall@juno.com.

Above photo was taken from the driveway of the Pete Klein home (home no longer there). You can see crossing gate ahead where girls turned west and followed the track toward Frontenac.

This is the track Hattie and Maggie walked down when they disappeared. The picture was taken from the King's Highway crossing just down the road from the family home. The track leads into Frontenac.

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