The Helen Klein Bryan Family History

Helen and Johnnie

Helen and her brother, Johnnie

Helen Bryan was the second born child of John, Sr. and Carrie Klein. She was born in Pittsburg, KS on September 27, 1920 at her Grandma Kennedy's house while John, Sr. was on a run. (He worked for the Santa Fe as a brakeman at the time.) Helen went to school at Lone Star and Radley for her early education. She graduated from Pittsburg High School in 1938. Before she married, Helen worked at Ramsey's, Newman's, and Dixie shop as a sales clerk.

Helen and Finis

Helen and Finis Bryan

On September 21, 1941, Helen married Finis Bryan. They had been dating since they were juniors in high school.

In 1942, Finis went into the Air Force and was sent to Arizona. Helen joined him, and in 1943, got a job at the draft board. In January, 1946, after his enlistment was up, they came back to Pittsburg, making their home on Lonestar Road. Finis and Helen had one child, Paul K. Bryan, born on January 6, 1947. Helen was a homemaker. Finis worked at A. J. Cripes bakery until retirement-a total of 42 years!

Helen died on September 2, 1994. She is buried in Girard Cemetery, Girard, KS.

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