Henry Klein Family History

Young Henry

Young Henry

Henry W. Klein was born on June 4, 1892 in Osage Mission, Kansas. He was the fourth child of Pierre and Marie Justine Klein.

Henry was a veteran of World War I. He was an interpreter for the Army Air Force and a pilot. He spoke French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Russian. He served in the 2nd Co., 3rd Bn, 164th D.B. His serial number was 3447471. He was discharged as a private on February 3, 1919.

Henry While Living in Newton

Henry W. Klein

He married Louise Ethelene Eastburn on June 7, 1921.

Henry, along with his brothers, Camile, Emile, and John purchased a mine called "Big Six Coal Company, Mine No. 1. On June 21, 1922, a rock fell on Emile and the brothers decided to sell the mine.

After the sale of the mine, Henry worked as a railroad car repairman for the North American Car Company in Coffeyville. He eventually moved to Newton and became an engineer for the Santa Fe Railroad. Henry and Louise never had any children, but they did raise Louise’s sister’s child, Carole Stewart, after the sister’s death. Carole married twice, but never had any children.

Henry's hobbies were fishing, hunting (pheasants); he also did carpentry in his shop. Most of all, he traveled the world.

After Louise’s death in 1976, Henry married Daisy Irene Miller.

He was a member of First Baptist Church in Newton. Henry died on February 18, 1986 at the age of 93. It was said at the eulogy that he had mannerisms like Maurice Chavalier. He is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Newton, Kansas.

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