Joe Frere, Jr. History

Joe Frere
Christmas Day 1959

Joseph Frere, Jr., was the only child of Joseph Frere, Sr. and Hattie (Klein) Carnevale. He was born on June 21, 1906.

Joe's father died when Joe was just an infant. His mother, Hattie, married again (to Tony Carnevale) and had another child, Lorene. After several years, Joe's mother took off for parts unknown and left Joe and Lorene to be raised by their grandparents, Pete and Justine Klein.

Joe grew up working on the farm with Pete Klein. He eventually left the farm and later became an engineer for the railroad. He married Marie Clara Soligo. They had no children. Marie died on February 11, 1981; Joe died in California in 1984.

Joe Working the Farm with Pete Klein.

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