Lorene Sisson History

Lorene in 1976

Lorene Carnavale, was the only child of Tony and Hattie (Klein) Carnevale. Lorene quit school in the 8th grade and did maid work for several years. She then married Delmar Grant Sisson in January 1931. The had one child, a daughter, named Gloria Ann on August 23, 1932. Delmar was a conductor on the Missouri Pacific Railroad until he became ill with tuberculosis in 1946. He was sent to a sanitarium in Colorado Springs for one year. He was then sent home and died in 1948. Lorene relocated to Long Beach California after Delmar's death.

Lorene worked for Douglas Aircraft in California until she retired in 1965. After retirement Lorene stayed home and enjoyed her home until her death on March 22, 1980.

Gloria and Lorene in front on John Klein Sr's home on Lonestar Road.

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