Yvonne Klein Family History

Yvonne at One Year

Yvonne at One Year

Yvonne Klein (now Yvonne Kay) was born on September 28, 1947. Her parents were Johnnie Jr. and Lydia Klein.

After graduating from high school in 1965, Yvonne went to work at General Motors. She married Barry Hall in 1969. Barry and Yvonne had 3 children: Jay, born on June 12, 1970: Carrie, born on June 17, 1972, and Jodie, born on December 5, 1973. Unfortunately, Yvonneís marriage to Barry ended in divorce.

Yvonne went back to work. She worked for General Dynamics, then for Zenith (TV manufacturer) in Springfield, MO. She eventually ended up working for the UAW (labor union) from where she plans to retire in 2007.

On February 16, 2005, Yvonne contacted her old boyfriend, Denny Kay, from high school. She had dated him for 3 years during that time. After high school, Denny joined the marines and was sent to Viet Nam (two tours). He had spent the last 37 years living in New Jersey (Philadelphia area). On March 29, they met in Philadelphia. They hit it off immediately and were married at Brookside Missionary Baptist Church in Shelby Township, Michigan on June 11, 2005. Denny retired from his job in Snap-on Tool Sales and has since moved to Michigan. They are now living happily ever after. :)

Yvonne and Denny 2006

Yvonne and Denny

Update: In July of 2006, Yvonne was given the clock that Pierre and Justine Klein brought from France. It was handed down by Finis Bryan, son-in-law of John Klein Sr. The clock had recently stopped running before Finis gave it to Yvonne. Finis took it to Mike Ziegler of Johnís Jewelry, the man who had kept it running through the years. He is quite knowledgeable of antique clocks (See photo below).

Mike Ziegler, along with Finis and Yvonne 2006

Pictured above are J. Mike Ziegler, Finis Bryan, and Yvonne Kay.
Photo taken at Johnís Jewelry in Girard, Kansas.

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