The Pierre "Pete" Klein Family and Descendants

This website tells the story of Pierre and Marie Justine Klein, who left France with their four children and settled in Kansas, and their descendants. I am looking for information and/or photos on Hattie (Henrietta) Frere/Carnevale (nee Klein), Joe Frere, Maggie (Margaret) Klein, Camile (Tom) Klein, Ruby Rieland (nee Klein), and Ellsworth Klein.

If after viewing this site, you feel you are related to this Klein family, if you knew them, or know their descendants, please e-mail me at

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Dear Klein Descendants,

There have been a lot of changes in the past twelve months, so I thought I would give you an update.

First of all, I married my high school sweetheart on June 11, 2005. I am now Yvonne Kay (Mrs. Denny).

Second, Paul K. Bryan (grandson of John Klein Sr., as well as being my cousin) died on December 16, 2005. He was 58.

Third, Annette Bryan (Paul K. Bryanís oldest daughter) married. Her new last name is Thurston. I do not have any further information on her at this time.

Fourth, somehow we have lost our guestbook. i have written to the host a few times but have gotten no response. I will have to start from scratch. When you see the new guestbook, please feel free to sign it again and add your comments if you have any. In the meantime, you can e-mail me with your comments and I will add them when I do the guestbook. It will take a lot of coding and database set up so it will be a long time coming. If any of you already have a guestbook, I would appreciate if you could send me a clone of it. It will save me a lot of work.

I have also been in contact with Paul (Bunny) Kleinís two daughters and their families. I am hoping that I get some information from them to put on the webpage.

Also, I have been given the clock that Pierre and Justine brought from France. Iím very happy that this clock has managed to stay in the family all these years and will hopefully will continue to be in the family. See picture on my webpage. I plan to make a separate page for the clock in the future.

I do need to update and correct errors on the family tree page. I just havenít had the time.

Because of my hectic year, I have not been very faithful in updating the website. I am doing some catch-up work now. Iíll try to do better this next year. Of course, I always appreciate your help with family information. New pages on the website are: Yvonne Klein, Paul K. Bryan. You can reach these pages by going through the homepage first. Scroll down to the bottom of homepage and you will see the links to enter these pages.

Love to all,


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